Enhancing Trade, Investment and Cooperation between India and Taiwan

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  3. Enhancing Trade, Investment and Cooperation between India and Taiwan
This is the first exhaustive study on possibilities of comprehensive economic partnership between an emerging market in Asia, India, and one of the four 'Asian Dragons', Taiwan. It focuses on how Asian countries can leverage their mutual complementarities, develop production networks and efficient supply chains and enhance investment flows—taking the example of India and Taiwan. Based on primary survey based research, the report highlights the barriers to trade and investment in India and Taiwan, and suggests measures to remove them. It critically examines the WTO and FTA strategies of India and Taiwan in the context of the trade agreements in Asia. The report focuses on both cross-cutting and sector-specific issues. The sectors discussed in the report include: logistics, automobile and auto component, information and communication technology, food processing, distribution and retail, and human resource development. These sectors have been selected as they are undergoing regulatory and policy changes in India and emphasis is on how India and Taiwan can learn from each other's development and regulatory experiences. The report provides information to businesses operating or planning to operate in each other's market and to policymakers on how to facilitate business interaction and greater trade, and investment flows.